Getting Started In Agiled

Step by step guide to getting started in Agiled.

Welcome to Agiled, an all in one business management solution. 

To get the best out of Agiled, let's start by understanding different features of Agiled. 

Let's start with Dashboard. 


This is the dashboard you see after your complete the onboarding steps. 


Want to search a lead, client, invoice or an estimate? Quickly search from the search bar in the header as shown in the picture below. This will help you in quickly accessing the information. 

Here are the search results for "INV"

Changing the Language

Agiled is currently available in 5 languages, English, French, Spanish, Russion, and Portugues. 

To change a language you can select your desired language from the header. 

Configuring Dashboard

You can configure dashboard by selecting which widgets you want to see on the dashboard. This can be down by choosing widgets from the Configure Dashboard drop down as shown in the picture below. 

Active Timers

You can quickly see active timers of your team by clicking Active Timers in the header. 

Creating A Client

You can create unlimited clients in Agiled's CRM and invite them to the client portal. 

Here are some helpful articles to help you in creating clients. 

Creating Leads

Agiled CRM comes with built in lead management and you can create unlimited leads in Agiled. You can add followups, send them proposals and convert them into client. 

Here are some articles to help you with leads. 

Adding Team Members

You can add your teammates in Agiled and manage them in one place. You can manage their attendance, leaves, salary and Payroll. 

Here are some articles to help you with Team mates management. 


You can create unlimited projects in Agiled . You can add members to your projects to easily collaborate. You can also invite clients to projects to share files and collaborate. 

Here are few articles to help you with Projects.

White Labeling

If you are on a business plan you can completely white label Agiled. You can setup your custom domain, custom SMTP and even change the look and feel of the platform. 

Here are few articles to help you with white labeling. 

Roles & Permissions

You can create custom roles in Agiled and set permissions for them in Agiled. You have complete control over what they or don't see in their portal. 

Here are few articles to setup roles and their permissions.

Dark Mode

Agiled has a dark mode which is easy on your eyes and you can easily enable it. You can enable dark mode by clicking on the Night Mode from the bottom of side navigation. 

and here is the dark mode. 

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