Creating A Lead

How to Add A Lead In Agiled?

To add a lead in Agiled go to CRM -> Leads.

Click on the floating Plus button as shown in the picture below.

If you can’t find the button click on this link

This will take you to the create screen. 

Here are the details you can add for a lead.

  • 1.       Company Name: Add Company name of the lead.
  • 2.       Website: Company website of the client.
  • 3.       Address: Add address of the lead’s company
  • 4.       Assign an agent to your lead. You can also create an agent directly from here.
  • 5.       Lead’s Name: Add full name of the lead.
  • 6.       Add Email of the Lead (This is the email that will be used when you convert lead to client and invite them to customer portal)
  • 7.       Mobile number of the lead.
  • 8.       Next Follow Up: Add if you want to follow up with this client or not.
  • 9.       Notes: Add private notes or other details about the lead here.
  • 10.   Lead Source: Choose the source of the lead. You can also add source for the leads directly from here.
  • 11.   After adding all the details click save and your lead will be saved. 
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