Integrating with Hubspot

How to integrate with Hubspot? 

You can integrate your Hubspot account to sync contacts (Customers) to and from Hubspot.

To integrate with Hubspot go to to Settings - Integrations and Choose Hubspot from the list.

Agiled uses API key to integrate with Hubspot.

How to get Hubspot API Key?

To get your Hubspot API keys go to Settings -> Integrations -> API Keys and create an API key if it is not already created.

Or follow this Hubspot article to create API keys. 

Copy these API keys in the Agiled's Hubspot settings page as shown in the picture below. 

Syncing Contacts from Hubspot

You can sync contacts from Hubspot into Agiled. This will pull contacts from Hubspot and copy them in Agiled. If you have already imported a contact, it will be ignored. 

There are two options to sync from Hubspot.

  • All Contacts: Import all contacts from the start in Agiled. 
  • Specific Date: Select specific date to import contacts.

Sync Contacts To Hubspot

To sync contacts to Hubspot you need to create some properties in Hubspot which are mentioned in Agiled Hubspot settings. 

To create Properties in Hubspot go to Settings -> Properties from your Hubspot account and click on Create Property.

After you have created properties in Hubspot, synch all contacts from Agiled to Hubspot or sync contacts for a specific date from Agiled to Hubspot. 

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