Setting Up Custom SMTP

How to setup custom SMTP? 

You can add your own custom SMTP credentials in Agiled to send emails from your own account instead of [email protected]

Setting up custom SMTP is a breeze in Agiled.

To set up custom SMTP go to Settings - Custom SMTP

Add following details to send emails from your own email account.

  • Mail Host : Mail host like
  • Mail Port: Port of the mail host, usually it is 587.
  • Mail Username: Your username with the mail provider. 
  • Mail Password: Your password. 
  • Mail From Name:  This is the From Name in your email. This can be your or your company's name. 
  • Mail From Email: Enter email address you want to send email from e.g [email protected]
  • Mail Encryption: Choose between the SSL and TLS mail encryption. 

After you have added all the details click "Update" . 

To test your configuration click "Send Test Email" to send a test email.If your configuration is correct an email will be sent to your email account from your new configuration.

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