Adding Custom Fields For A Client

How To Custom Field For Clients?

You can add as many custom fields for a client as you want.

To add custom field go to Settings -> Custom Fields and click on “Add Field”.

After clicking on a button, you will see a popup as shown in the picture below. 

Now follow the steps given below to add custom field for a client.

  • 1.       From Type select “Client”.
  • 2.       In the Label Enter the name for the field like Secondary Email, Middle Name etc.
  • 3.       Name of the field is automatically generated as it is for internal use but you can change it if you like.
  • 4.       Choose if the field is required or not.
  • 5.       Select the type of the field. You can choose from text, text area, password, number and select.

After you have added all the details click Submit and the custom field will be added to the client.

You can see it while adding new clients or in the client details section. 

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