How to add a new Client.

You can add clients in Agiled to send them invoices, estimates, proposals, contracts, and to collaborate with them on projects. You can also invite them to the client portal where they can see all the information related to them in one place. 

To add a new client in Agiled

  • Click on the CRM from the side navigation and then click on contacts.

  • Click on the add button. 

  • On the Add Contact screen. Choose the Company or Account for the client or leave it empty if you want. 

  • From the roles drop-down, choose Client as the role. 

  • Enter important details like your client’s first name and email. Email is required if you are creating a new client because we create a client portal account for every client you create. 
  • Enter other details related to your client, you can also create custom fields for the clients. 
  • You can choose to invite the client to the client portal right now by checking this option, or you can leave it unchecked, so you can invite your client when you are ready. 
  • After you have added all the information related to the client, you can click on the save button to save the client. 

  • This new client will be added to the CRM, and now you will be able to send them invoices, estimates, contracts, proposals, and collaborate with them on the projects. 
  • To see the client details you just created, Go to CRM, Contacts and choose the client you just created. You can see all the files, invoices, projects, contracts, proposals, emails, notes related to this client in one place. 

  • If you did not invite the client to the client portal while creating the client, you can do so by going to CRM, Contacts choose the client you want to invite to the client portal. Click on 3 dots in the Actions column in front of the chosen client and click on invite. An email invitation will be sent to them with instructions. 

Start adding your clients to Agiled to keep all the information related to your clients in one place.

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