Creating A New Role

Agiled gives you complete control over Roles and Permissions for your team members. You can easily control who sees what and assign roles to your teammates. 

How to create a new Role in Agiled? 

To create a new role go to Settings - Roles & Permissions and click on Manage Role button. 

A popup will open up. In the text field add the name of the new role and click Save. 

New role will be created. 

You can now set permissions and choose what this Role can do or not do.

How to set Permissions for a Role in Agiled?

To set permissions for a role click Permission button in front of your desired Role. 

On the permissions page choose what permissions you want to give to your new role. Choose these permissions very carefully as if you assign a wrong permission, that role can have access to sensitive data about your business. 

You can choose permissions one by one or you can choose all the permissions at once.

When you switch a permission it is already updated so there is no need to click any save button.

After you have set permissions for the roles you can directly assign roles to your teammates by clicking on the Members button. 

In the popup choose member and click Save.

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