Adding an Employee or Team Member

How do I add an Employee/Staff/Team Member?

To add an employee or a team member go to HRM-> Employees and click on Add Employee.

Add all the required information for the Employee as shown in the picture below.

Here is the information you can add for an Employee

  •         Employee Id: This can be internal employee ID assigned to your team member.
  •          Employee Name: Name of the team member/Employee
  •          Email: Email of the team member (this is the email your employee will use to login to their portal)
  •          Enter the password for the employee or choose to generate random password for the employee (Login details will be sent to your employee by email)
  •          Phone (Optional): Enter phone number for the employee
  •          Slack Username: Slack username of the employee
  •          Joining Date: Joining date of the employee.
  •          Gender (Optional)
  •          Address: Address of your employee.
  •          Skills: Add skills of your employee.
  •          Designation: Add designation of the team member (To instantly create a new designation click the “+” icon and enter the designation name in popup).
  •          Department: You can create departments for your company and assign different employees to different employees. From here you can assign employee to a department. (If you want to create a new department instantly you can do that from here by clicking on the “+” icon).
  •          Hourly Rate: Hourly Rate of the employee. This is used when employees track time and mark their time as billable.
  •          Login: Enable or Disable login
  •          Profile Picture (Optional): Add profile picture of your employee.
  •          Click Save

After you click save an email will be send to your employee with the login details if you enable the login for the employee.

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