How to Automate Your Business in Agiled?

There are three types of automations you can create in Agiled. 

  • Automations
  • Workflows
  • Flows


Automations lets you automate an action based on a specific trigger. Automations can have only one action and one trigger and they cannot be applied to specific clients or projects. 

Automations are generic and applied to your entire account. You can automate repetitive tasks using Automations. 

Automations work like If/then rules. If a certain trigger conditions are met, action is performed. 

For example you want to send a thank you email every time an invoice is paid in your account, you can set up an automation to send an email when the invoice is paid in full. This automation will trigger every time an invoice is paid. 

You can learn more about Automations here.


Workflows allow you to automate steps inside a project. You can build your entire business process or workflow in Agiled to automate it. Once you build a Workflow and apply it to a Project, you can take the back seat while Agiled does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Let’s say you follow the same steps when you onboard a new client or take on a new project. You can create a customized workflow and provide Agiled instructions to execute all the steps automatically on your behalf. 

You can read more about Workflows here


FLOWs are automated steps and sequences you can set up for your Contacts to complete. Steps can be to complete forms, upload/download files, and eSign documents. 

There are two types of Flows. 

  • Onboarding Flows
  • On Demand Flows

You can read more about them here.

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