How to Create a Workflow?

A workflow can help you replicate and automate your business process in Agiled. 

A workflow is a powerful tool that can help you automate your entire business. You can send emails, forms, contracts etc automatically. You can also change the Project Status with Workflows. 

What are the elements of the Workflow?

There are two elements of a workflow.

An Action and a Trigger. 

You can learn more about Actions here and Triggers here

In Agiled there is no limit on the number of actions you can add to a workflow. You can add as many actions as possible to replicate your client process in Agiled. 

How to build a workflow? 

 To build a workflow in Agiled, please follow the steps given below. 

  1. Click on Automation from the side nav bar. 
  2. Click on Workflows. 
  3. On the Workflows page, click on the “Create Workflow” button in the top right corner. 
  4. Add the Title of the Workflow. 
  5. Click on Configure Actions Button to choose from the List of Actions. 
  6. Choose the Action you want the workflow to perform e.g Send an Email
  7. When you choose an action, you will be given some options depending on the Action you chose. 
  8. Choose the Delay and the Trigger for the Action. 
  9. To another Action to the workflow, click on the Configure Action button and choose the action you want to add. 
  10. Repeat the steps to add as many Actions as you want. 
  11. After you have added all the Actions you want in a Workflow, click on the Save button the save the Workflow. 

Does the Workflow Automatically Start when I create it? 

Workflow does not automatically start when you create it.

In Agiled, Workflows are applied to a Project. A workflow is only started when it is applied to a project. 

How to apply a workflow to a Project? 

To apply a workflow to a project. 

  • Go to Projects
  • Choose the project you want to apply Workflow to. 
  • From the Project Dashboard, click on the Workflows Tab. 
  • Click on the Add Workflow Button
  • Choose the Workflow from the Workflows dropdown. 
  • Click on the Save button. 

How many workflows can I apply to a Project? 

You can apply multiple workflows to a project. 

How can I see the performed Actions and other details of a Workflow? 

You can get complete details of all the activities or actions a workflow has performed in a project.

To see these details

  1. Go to the Workflows Tab of the Project. 
  2. Click on the Workflow Title( Name) 
  3. You will be taken to the Workflow Activities page, where you can see all the Actions along with their Status. 

How to delete, skip, or Force an Action in a Workflow? 

When you are on the Workflow Activities page, you can choose to Force, Delete, or mark an Action complete in a Workflow. 

Here is what each of these options means. 

Force Now: Force now option forces the Action to be performed immediately without waiting for the trigger to be fired. 

Delete: Delete option will remove the Action ( Step) from the current Project Workflow. 

Mark Complete: Mark complete option will skip the execution of the Action and mark it as completed. 

To choose from on of these options, click on the three dots in the Action row and select the option that suites you. 

What is “Require Approval” in a Workflow?

When you add an Action in a workflow, you can get an option for Require Approval. This option enables you to approve an Action in a workflow manually. 

Execution of the Action is halted unless you approve the Action. 

How do approve the Actions in a Workflow? 

To approve an action 

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