How to create an Automation?

Follow the steps given below to create new automation from scratch. 

  • To create new automation go to the Essentiasl menu from the side navbar and click on Automate. 

  • You will be able to see all the automation you have created here. 

  • To create a new  click on the “Add Automation” button. 

  • You will be taken to the Create Automation page. 

  • Add the Automation Name.

  • Click on the Configure Action button to choose from the list of actions. 

  • After you choose an action, the next step is to configure the action and choose a Trigger for this action. 

  • If you want to perform this action at a specific time instead of a trigger, check the Fix checkbox and choose a time and date for this action to be performed. 

  • After you have configured your automation action, choose if you want to send the notifications to the clients for the actions performed or not. If you uncheck this option, no email or notifications will be sent to your customer. 

  • After you have configured your automation click on the save button  to save and run this automation. 

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