Time Tracking

Stay productive by tracking your and your team's time in Agiled. 

Agiled comes with a built in time tracking and you can track and bill for your time very easily.

Employee Time Tracking

Employees can track their time from their portals as shown in the picture below.

Click on start timer. Select Project, add Memo and click start to start tracking time. 

Admins can also allow to track manual time in some projects. In that case members/teammates/employees can track time manually by going to Time Logs and clicking Log Time. 

Time logs Management

Admins can easily manage time logs and see the time logged by their team members. 

To see active timers click on the "Active Timers" in the top right corner of Dashboard and see who is tracking their time right now. An example is shown in the picture below. 

You can see active timers in the Popup as shown in the screenshot below. 

or the admin can see active timers by going to Time Logs .

How to Filter Time Logs

Admin can filter time logs by clicking the "Filter Results" in the top right corner of Time Logs. 

Time logs can be filtered by date,Project and Employees. 

How to log time Manually?

To log time manually click Add time log button in the bottom right corner and add time log details in the highlighted section.

Select Project, employee and other details click Save.

Time Log Settings

You can change Time Log settings by going to Settings - Time Log Settings.

  • Choose if you want to allow time tracking for Projects or Tasks 
  • If you want to stop all active timers automatically after office time. 
  • If time logs require approval by Admin.
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