Adding Stripe Payment Gateway

How to add Stripe Payment Gateway? 

You can integrate Strip with Agiled to accept online payments on your invoices. 

To integrate Stripe you need to add your API keys in Agiled. You can get your Api keys from Stripe Developer Dashboard

Here are some articles about API keys from Stripe.

You need to copy 2 keys from Stripe to Agiled. 

  1. Publishable Key
  2. Secret Key

You can switch between test and live keys. If you want to start accepting payments from your customers you need to copy live keys into Agiled. If you want to test the Stripe integration you can copy test keys and test the integration. 

Here is a screen shot of Stripe's API key dashboard. 

Go to Settings - Payment Gateways, scroll down to Stripe settings and add your keys as shown in the picture below.

Add your Publishable key  from Stripe in the Stripe Cliend Id field in Agiled. 

Add Secret Key from Stripe in the Stripe Secret Field in Agiled.

Optionally you can add Stripe Webhook to get updates about the payments. 

To add Stripe Webhook Secret go to Stripe Webhook Dashboard and click on the "Add Endpoint" as shown in the picture below.

In the new screen add following URL in theebhook endpoint field.

In the events to send select  invoice.payment_succeeded and invoice.payment_failed event and click Add Event button. 

Webhook will be created and it will take you to Webhook details screen. 

Click "Click to reveal" and copy the Signing secret in Agiled and click save.

Stripe payment gateway will be enabled and you can accept online payments on your invoices.

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