Creating Tasks

You can manage tasks with ease in Agiled. 

To manage tasks go to Tasks -> All Tasks and click on Add task button.

It will take you to Add New Task screen. 

Enter following details of the task 

  • Project : Select the project this task is related to. This is optional as you can also create independent tasks.
  • Choose Task Category. You can also create task categories instantly. 
  • Task Title: Enter name of the Task e.g Create Website
  • Description : Enter the details of the tasks, there is no word limit and you can format the details as you want. 
  • Dependent Task: Choose if this task is dependent on another task and choose the task on which this task is dependent. 
  • Enter Start Date and Due Date of the task 
  • Choose the team mate or employee to assign this task. 
  • Repeat: Choose if the task is a recurring task and set repeat frequency. 
  • Choose if the task is billable or not. 
  • Priority: Choose the task priority. 
  • Attach files related to this task
  • Click Save.
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