Creating Proposals


You can create professional proposals in Agiled and send them to your customers for approval. Agiled comes with a drag and drop (WYSIWYG) builder to create proposals.

You can also create Proposal Templates to reuse your previous proposals or choose from one of Agiled’s premade professional templates.

Check out how to create project templates here.

How to create Proposal in Agiled?

To create Proposal go to “Proposals” from the side menu and click on “Add Proposal”

It will take you to create proposal page.

Here you can add some basic information about your Proposal.

Here are the details you need to add.

  •          Client: Choose client/customer from the drop down.
  •          Proposal Title: Title or Subject of your proposal.
  •          Valid Till: Date to which the proposal will be valid. After this date the proposal will expire.
  •          Currency: Choose the currency in which you are quoting your customer.
  •          Amount: Total amount for this proposal.

If you want to create proposal from the template, you can click the blue “Choose Template” to choose from one of the templates.

After you have entered all the information you can start designing professional proposal in our drag and drop builder.

Follow the steps given below to create a new proposal. 

You will be able to see all the covers you have created, choose any cover or choose "Start from Scratch" and click on the "Next" button. 

On the next screen, you can customise cover of your proposal. 

  • You can click on Merge Tags to add merge tags in your proposal cover. 

  • Click on Cover Settings to customize cover like changing cover colors etc. 

After you have customized the cover click on the Next button. It will take you to the proposal builder. 

You can add multiple pages in the proposal. To add the first page in the proposal click on the "Add a blank Page" button. This will add a new page in the proposal. You can click on the edit button right next to the page name to edit the page name as shown in the picture below. 

To choose a proposal template click on the Choose Template button and choose the template from the drop down list. When you choose a template, the contents of the page will be replaced by contents of the template. 

To add merge tags in the proposals, click on the Merge Tags button , it will show you all the merge tags, just copy and paste the merge tag in the content of the proposal. It will be replaced by real data when your client or lead views the proposal. 

To design the proposal click any where on the page and click on the plus button to add content to the proposal. You can also click on the More button to add ready made proposal blocks to your proposal. 

In the ready made blocks popup, you can go to different tabs to select the proposal blocks that suite your needs. 

You can also click on the proposal blocks arrow to choose the blocks from the side bar as shown in the picture below. 

Drag and drop any block you want and customize it according to your needs. 

After you have designed your proposal, click on the save button to save the proposal. Proposal will be created and you will be redirected to the proposals list. 

  • To send the proposal to your client, click on the 3 dots in the Action column and click on Send button. Design your email, add recipients and click on send. 
  • To view the proposal as client, click on the 3 dots in the Action column and click on View as Client button. You can also share this link with you client via text, email, or other ways. 

To see the proposal history, you can click on the 3 dots and click on the view button.

You will be able to see the complete history of the proposal as shown in the picture below. 

You can also watch the video given below to learn about designing proposals in Agiled. 

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