How Archive, Restore & Delete a Project in Agiled?


In Agiled, once a project is completed, you have the option to archive it. Archiving helps keep your workspace tidy by moving completed projects out of your immediate view. This guide will show you how to archive, restore, and delete projects in Agiled.

How to Archive a Project in Agiled

1. **Go to the Project**: On your Agiled dashboard, navigate to the project you wish to archive.

2. **Archive the Project**: In the 'Actions' drop-down menu for the project, select 'Archive'. You'll be asked for confirmation to proceed with archiving the project.

How to View Archived Projects

1. **Access Archived Projects**: To view your archived projects, click on the three dots at the top of the page and select 'View Archive'. This will take you to a page displaying all your archived projects.

How to Restore or Delete an Archived Project

Once you're in the 'Archived Projects' page, you have two main options: restoring a project or deleting it permanently.

1. **Restoring a Project**: If you want to restore an archived project, click on the 'Restore' button next to the project. The project will be moved back to your active projects list.

2. **Deleting a Project Permanently**: If you want to delete a project permanently, click on the 'Delete' button next to the project. You'll be asked to confirm the deletion. Please note that deleting a project is permanent, and it cannot be recovered once deleted.


Archiving, restoring, and deleting projects in Agiled are straightforward processes that help you manage your workspace effectively. Remember, archiving moves completed projects out of your immediate view, restoring brings them back, and deleting removes them permanently. Thank you for watching. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Agiled support.

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