How to create a project and apply a workflow to it on form submission?


In Agiled, you can automate the creation of projects from form submissions, and even apply a workflow to it automatically. This guide will show you step by step how to set this up.

Steps to Automate Project Creation and Workflow Assignment

1. **Create a New Form**: Log into your Agiled account and start creating a new form. Name it something relevant like "Create Project Form".

2. **Set Actions**: In the actions section, choose "Create a Client". You have an option to assign a sales agent, but in this guide, we won't be doing that.

3. **Choose a Project Template**: To create a project from the form submission, you'll need to select a project template that you've previously created.

4. **Choose a Workflow**: To apply a workflow to the new project automatically, you'll need to select a workflow that you've previously created.

5. **Proceed to Builder**: Click on "Proceed to Builder" and create your form. A simple form might include an input field for "Name" and another for "Email". Make sure these fields are required as they are needed for the client creation.

6. **Add a Submission Button**: Add a submit button to your form. You can customize the button's text and even add some top margin to it if desired.

7. **Map the Fields**: Next, you'll map the form fields to the corresponding fields in Agiled. For example, map the "Name" field in your form to the "First Name" field in Agiled, and map the "Email" field in your form to the "Email" field in Agiled.

8. **Save and Test**: After saving your form, test it by opening the form link in another browser or incognito window, then submit a form.

9. **Check the Result**: Go to the "Projects" section in the "Productivity" menu of Agiled to see if the new project was created. You should find a project named after your form, and the client who submitted the form should be added to the project. Go to the "Workflows" section to verify that the chosen workflow has been applied to the new project.


Automating project creation and workflow assignment from form submissions in Agiled is a powerful way to streamline your business processes. By following these steps, you'll have a system that does the heavy lifting for you, leaving you more time to focus on what really matters. Thank you for following this guide.

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