How to schedule a meeting for a Contact/Account?

Video tutorial on how to schedule a meeting for a contact/account

When you work with clients, leads, or prospects, you might have to schedule meetings with them from time to time and keep track of all the meetings scheduled with a client. In Agiled CRM, we have given an easy way to schedule meetings directly with a client. 

1. To schedule meetings with a contact, go to CRM from the side navigation and click on contacts. 

2. Click on the contact for which you want to add the meeting and go to the Meetings tab from the contact details..

3. Click on the Add meeting button. 

4.  Enter Meeting name, enter meeting location, meeting details, time, attendees, and when you have added all the necessary details click on submit. 

5. The meeting will be scheduled, it will also be added to your events calendar, and an email will be sent to your contact with the meeting invite. 

6. The same steps are applied while scheduling a meeting for an account.

Scheduling meetings directly from the contact details can help you a lot when you have to schedule multiple meetings with a client and help you keep track of all the meetings you had with them. 
So, start scheduling meetings to convert your leads into customers and clients into happy clients. 
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