How to add files for a Contact/Account?

Video tutorial on how to add files for a contact/account?

In Agiled you can add files to account details so you can keep all the files related to an account in one place. By adding files to the Account details, you can quickly access all the files you need related to an account in one place instead of going through emails and folders. 
Adding files to the account details is pretty, and simple too. 

1. To add files to an Account, go to CRM from the side navigation and click on Accounts. 

2. Choose an account to which you want to add files. 

3. From the Account details screen go to the files tab and click on Add files button to add new files. 

4. 4. Browse or drop all the files you need to add to an account and your files will be uploaded. 

5. You can see all the files you have uploaded for an account in the files tab. 

6. The same steps apply to adding files for a contact.

Adding files to the Account makes sure that you never lose an important document or file related to an Account. 
Now that you know how to add a file, start adding files to your CRM Accounts to keep all the things in one place. 
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