How to log E-mail for a Contact?

Video tutorial on How to Log and Send Emails in Agiled CRM 

Keeping track of customer emails is really difficult, you have to go through your inbox, again and again, to look for customer emails. In Agiled, you can send and log emails in the CRM which means you will never have to go through your inbox again to search customer emails. 
Sending emails directly from the CRM will save you tons of time that you can use to grow your business. 

1. To send emails from the CRM, connect your email account with Agiled first. We have a detailed tutorial in our help center on how to do it. To connect your email account you can go to settings and then integrations. 

2. Once your email account is connected with Agiled, you can start sending emails directly from Agiled. Agiled will keep track of all the emails and their replies.  Or you can also log emails manually in the CRM. 

3. To send an email, Go to CRM, click on contacts, choose a contact to send an email.
4. From the contact details, go to the emails tab and click on Send Email. 
5. In the new email popup, choose From an email from the list of email accounts you have connected with Agiled. These email accounts will be shown in a drop-down. 
6. Choose if you want to CC this email to anyone.
7. Add Email Subject. 
8. Write the email, we have a rich text editor where you can write and format your emails with ease. 
9. After you have written your email, click on the Send button to send the email. 
10. Your email will be sent, and you will be able to view this email in the emails tab. After a customer replies to this email, you will be able to see the complete email thread by clicking on the view thread button. 
11. To Log emails manually in the CRM, click on the Log email button in the emails tab. Enter all the details like Email subject, from an email account, email content, and click on save.
12. The email will be logged in the CRM. 
Logging and sending emails from the Agiled CRM is a great way to keep your email communications with the contacts organized so you can easily find important emails quickly when you need them. 
Connect your email account with Agiled now and start sending emails to your contacts. 
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