How to convert a contact to a client

Video tutorial on how to convert a contact to a client

In Agiled, you can convert your contacts into clients to send them invoices, estimates, collaborate with them on projects, and invite them to the client portal. 

1. To convert an existing contact to a client. Go to CRM and click on Contacts. 

2. On the contacts screen, click on the three dots in your desired contact’s row and click on convert to client.

3. A popup will appear.

4. If you have not already added an email for the contact, add the email as it is required to create a client. You can also add the password for the client, but this is optional. This password will be used by your client to log in to the client portal. You can leave this field empty if you want. 

5. Click on save, your contact will be converted to a client. 

6. To invite this client to the client portal, click on the three dots again and click on Invite.

7. An invitation email will be sent to your client with the instructions to join the client portal. 

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