How to add a task for Account?

Video tutorial on how to add a task for an account?

In Agiled, you can add tasks to the CRM Account. Tasks are a way to create a to-do list about an Account in Agiled. You can create tasks in an Account as a reminder to follow up, send files, etc. Tasks in Agiled CRM have deadlines or due dates which help you keep your communication with clients up to date. 
Creating a task for an Account in Agiled is very simple. 

1. From Dashboard go to CRM and click on Accounts. 

2. From Contacts choose an account in which you want to add a task. 

3. Go to the tasks tab in the Account details, and click on add new task. 

4. In the add task popup, Add task name, due date, set priority, and click the save button. The task will be created. 

5. You can view task details by clicking on the view icon in front of Task. 

6. Once you have completed the task, you can check the checkbox which is right before the task name, so the task can be marked as completed. 

You will be able to see all the completed tasks in the “Completed” section. 
Tasks are really powerful especially for Sales Person to keep track of all the things they have to do to close a sale. 
There is no limit on the number of tasks you can add to an account, so start adding tasks to close more sales. 
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