How to use proposal template to create a new proposal?

How to use a Proposal template to create a new Proposal?

You can create a Proposal with a Proposal template easily.

Follow these simple steps to create a professional proposal using a Proposal Template.

1. First of all look at the sidebar menu, click on the "Proposals" category.

2. After the "Proposals" page opens, you can see a "+" icon below on the right side. Click on it.

3. Now once you click the "+" icon a new page opens as shown below in the picture where you can create a new proposal accordingly.

4. Click on "Proceed to Builder" and then you can see different features that help you to create your perfect professional proposal. You can click on the "Proposal Template" button to select a ready-made template. 

5. Now choose from any of the templates and you are good to go.

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