Reseller Program

If you are on Agiled Business Plan, you can resell Agiled to your clients. You just need to pay us the Wholesale Monthly Price of the business plan, and you can charge your clients whatever you want for the Agiled Business Plan. 

Eligibility Criteria For Reseller Program

To apply for the reseller program, you have to be on Agiled's Business Plan. If you are not on the Agiled Business Plan, your application for the reseller program will not be approved. 

How to Apply for the Reseller Program?

To apply for the reseller program, you can go to and fill out the application form. 

After receiving your application, we will review your application and approve your account for the reseller program if you are eligible.

How to Access the Reseller Portal after my application has been approved? 

To login to the reseller portal, Login to your account and click on the "Login as Reseller" from the profile drop-down in the top right corner.

It will take you to the Reseller Dashboard

How to Add Codes to Reseller Portal?

To add codes to the reseller portal, go to your reseller portal and go to Billing. Click on the redeem Appsumo codes button. On the redeem code screen, add your code and click Redeem. Stack your codes one by one. 

These codes will be added to your reseller account, and you now resell them to your clients.

If you go back to billing now, you will see the total count of your unused codes and used codes, as shown in the picture below. 

How to create a new sub/customer account? 

To create a new account for your customer or client, go to companies and click on a new Create New Company

It will take you to create a new company screen. 

Add all the details of the clients and choose one of the codes under the code section.

Add account email and password for the customer account and click Save

A new company will be created, and you will be redirected to the companies list. 

How to impersonate a customer account? 

You can impersonate a customer account to set up their account for them. You do not need any username or password to impersonate their account.

To impersonate your customer's account, go to the reseller portal, and go to Companies

Click on the Impersonate button for the desired customer or company. It will open the customer's account in the new Tab. 

You will be able to set up their account before you give them access to their account. 

Don't forget to configure Custom Domain and Login Page etc before you handover login details to them as we don't show custom domain and billing settings in a sub account/company that is owned by a reseller. 

How to stack codes for customer account?

To stack codes in a customer account, go to Companies List and click redeem in front of your desired customer. 

In the redeem code screen, select a code you want to stack for the customer account and click Redeem

Repeat this step for as many codes as you want to stack. 

How to change the status of the Customer's account?

To change the status of customers, account, click the edit button from the companies list.

Choose the new status from the Status dropdown. After changing the status, click Update

If you any questions, we would love to answer them through email or live chat :) 

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